Bonding Events, Gaining Traction in E.F.T. Workshop Well Received, Kudos and Accolades

ed0306151553Jim gave so much of himself!  It was such a fantastic learning opportunity.  I felt supported and challenged to take my work to a higher level.  I really appreciated that he chose to create this workshop, culling from his years of experience and wisdom, but most of all, I appreciate that he creates safety and caring.  This is not a common combination to find out there in the world of learning choices,” Lisa Bolster, Denver Therapist, told the Center in an e-mail from Monday.   Laurie Branch commented enthusiastically, “I also want to say that the training was really fantastic! I know you poured your heart into it and that allowed for so much magic to happen.  My sessions have been better than ever!  Thanks for the great EFT infusion.  Your work is inspiring!”

The feedback in written evaluations and onsite overwhelmed our Director, “This workshop meant a lot to me, to offer my humble thoughts about how we can better server our couples and families, and to have this so well-received is very moving.” Jim’s partner, spouse, and best friend, Patrice, participated via a video clip in which she drew parallels between teaching swimming to adults, and to infants and their mothers, that participants found invaluable.  She also provided on-site event support and her powerful maternal nurturing to therapists on breaks and at lunch.  “So meaningful to do this work with Patrice, given the subject matter,” Jim said.

EFT Certified Supervisor, Sharon Chatkupt Lee, from Portland, Oregon, shared this feedback on the EFT Listserv, “I want to reiterate what others have said about this advanced training in getting to softening events.  I flew home Saturday night to my family exhausted, inspired, tearing up at the drop of a hat (in a good way!).  I came to get support for my work with couples, but also looking for ideas about consultation and supervision and helping people grow in this work.  I really appreciated Jim’s approach which emphasized the talents we all bring to this work.  He was encouraging and honoring of everyone strengths while also holding up the possibility for all of us to grow.  There was teaching, but even better there were experiential moments that were powerful and instructive.  My heart is bigger and I am going slower this week thanks to this experience.  Thank you to Jim and to the lovely Denver and Boulder community who are always so welcoming.”

Attendees came from as far away as New Jersey and as close as a walk to the hotel; what drew them together was the shared passion for Emotionally Focused Therapy.  The training included video clips from 4 different couples working with Jim, along with a clip from Jennifer Lucas-Brown doing Stage 1 work with a couple.  “Seeing 3 different couples, in Stage 2 work, in three different ways, with three different feels, was very helpful,” Allison Rimland, Certified EFT Therapist said.

The community learning experience, the felt safety and vulnerability, was noted by many in their e-mails and posts this week. Renee shared, im helped us learn how to focus our sessions by linking the most vulnerable moments of the previous session to the current one.  The most powerful for me was how bonded we were as EFT therapists working with our own vulnerablity duiring the training.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the training. Thank you to all of the members of the Colorado EFT community for inspiring me and to the other EFT members of the training for your love and support during my emotional time.  I felt secure to be myself and loved for being who I am.  What a lovely community we have here as EFTers!!”  

And Ellen Spaver wrote, “ I had heard great things about Jim Thomas as a trainer, and I’m happy to say that he lived up to and exceeded expectations!!  Jim initially grounded us in Stage 1 work so that we would be able to secure stage 2 with our couples.  I loved that Jim showed a clip of his stage 2 work that was human!!  This couple wasn’t easy and their process wasn’t clean…..and it was so validating!!!  Most of my work with couples is also difficult.  Jim modeled how to stay with them and how to work with their emotion.  Jim clearly models vulnerability with his couples and he gave that same gifts to the therapists at this training.  Thank you Jim for making the trip from South Jersey so worthwhile!!!”  

Attendees took risks too as they applied ideas about weaving sessions together, being more in the struggle with couples and getting to bonding events.  Personal barriers arose and one participant took a huge leap.  He shared with everyone on day 2 about this leap and how it related to his own life experience.   He said afterward, “The workshop was a learning container within which I felt an enormous amount of safety. I was given great hope that I can take this courage into my sessions to provide a safe place where my clients can touch, share, be received and accepted with their most tender vulnerabilities as they reach across a divide they once believed to be unbridgeable.”

“I am grateful to everyone who attended, and the openness to being in the struggle with couples and families.  It made it a pure joy to facilitate, share some of my own missteps in learning EFT along the way, and to share work with couples.  I am particularly grateful to those brave couples who let me share their struggle, strength and hope in this way.  Without those actual session video clips, the training would not be possible,” reports Director, Jim Thomas.

If you are interested in this training or other training with the Colorado Center, such as the 4-Day Externship, please let us know by e-mailing me at  If you are interested in this workshop in early 2015 in Denver, please put “Gaining Traction, Get to Softenings” in the subject line, and in the body of the e-mail share your level of interest and your name.


Kashmira Pearcy, Administrative Coordinator

P.S.  This just in from LinkedIn:

This week I found myself using more enactments and giving clients helpful words to use in their enactments to share their feelings with each other.  I talked more about the cycle and experienced my clients using the same language in return.  I found that doing  body checks with clients more often was also very useful.  This workshop definitely helped me fine tune both my
skills and and thinking and it was great to try out new useful tools in my work this week.  I love coming home with pearls to use after a conference.  Thanks so much, Jim, and your wife, Patrice is great (and her video clip invaluable).” 
great.”  Hildie Newman, Denver, Colorado 

“I wish I could have been there!” e-mail from Dr. Sue Johnson, author of Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships and developer of Emotionally Focused  Couples Therapy (EFT)