Gaining Traction, Get To Softenings Back By Popular Demand

In February, Center Director Jim Thomas presented his Stage 2 Workshop, Gaining Traction – Get to jim thomas profile 2Softenings Workshop for the 2nd Time.  The feedback at the workshop, in the written evaluations and after in e-mail and other comments was outstanding.   We decided to offer the workshop one more time.  To learn more about this training for EFT Therapists, please click here.  The workshop will take place October 16th and 17th, in Denver, CO.

“We look first at the one thing to focus on and assume about each couple in order for our work to gain traction and to get us through tough times with couples.  Then, we explore the importance of deliberative practice in applying all we learned in Core Skills and beyond.  With that foundation, we plunge in to Stage Two Work.  I share Stage Two clips from 4 different couples including a female withdrawer re-engagement and male pursuer softening.  My pledge is to also show some fresh work, so in both offerings to date, I shared Stage Two work from the week of the conference.”  – Jim Thomas, EFT Trainer

Here are a few take-aways reported by clinicians at the end of Day Two:

* Move into Stage 2 with vulnerability.   * Stay with their emotions, experience and don’t feel overwhelmed.   * Notice bodily reactions, etc.   * Certification.  * More enactments.   * Better linking last session to this one.   * Letting my own vulnerable experience provide insight into the pursuer and withdrawer.   * Watch my own fear and utilize as resonance.   * Stay emotionally present and be with/beside.   * Note starting point for next session when charting.   * Become much more effective therapist.  Finish Certification!   * To learn to love my couples – a la Carl Rogers – “there is no experience this man has had that I cannot be with him in”.

And Comments about the Workshop from written evaluations:  * Excellent – all around Excellent!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   * Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jim for two wonderful days – and to Patrice for doing all the work behind the scenes to make it happen.   * Thank you for a great workshop.   * Best workshop ever! Thanks.   * Thank you.   *Outstanding workshop – Thank you!!   * Best EFT training I have ever been to! (And I have been to exceptional training!)   * Great job, Jim! You are an inspiration as a man, as a teacher, and as a human being.   * So beneficial – love Jim’s style of presenting – never boring!   * Thank you so much for your vulnerability and authenticity and JOY!   * I loved this workshop.  Jim, you are very helpful in illustrating this work!   * Thank you for confirming certain things for me – in my approach, in believing in myself.   * Thank you for your generous sharing!   * Great training! Jim – thanks for your vulnerability, accessibility and for helping us with shame!   * Excellent workshop, great video clips, good pacing, well organized!   * The video clips of your work were essential in my vision being enlarged as to stage two work.   * Thanks so much for creating such an open and safe place!   * Fantastic workshop.  Wish more EFT training had this focus on self-awareness!  Experiential experience.  Love that you share real current work w/your couples.     * Exceeded my expectations – wow – oho!  Thank you for staying human with us.   * Wonderful, wonderful training!  Jim, you are a wonderful model for attachment and vulnerability.   * This was a wonderful experience. Jim, I am so glad I made it this time.  Hope to cross paths again soon.   * Fabulous Fabulous workshop! Thanks so much, Jim for your vulnerable presence.  So glad I came!   * Jim, you are wonderfully inspiring!   * Thank you!  I am full of gratitude for your time, your love, generosity.  I feel a renewal and hopefulness.  How can I thank you enough?  Also, dare I start to sing to my couples? I may!   * Jim, you come to the process with your whole heart!   * You are such a gift. Thank you.  Your lifetime of doing your own work & showing up with us so transparently is an incredible inspiration to me as a human being and a therapist. I will use you internally as an anchor & safe haven in my life.  Thank you for being the renegade that you are & for following with your heart.  I feel so very honored to know you & learn from you.   * I cannot begin to say what this weekend has meant to me.  Last time I saw you it changed my work, me, my relationship to my family and more!  This time is the same.  Gratitude for your self beyond measure.   * Wonderful workshop.  The courageous way that you always lead with vulnerability and jump in is an inspiration!  * I so valued the intuitive nature of this training and how to work more intuitively to create vulnerability and bonding.  Thanks Jim and Patrice.