Managing Director, Patrice Thomas is Proud to Announce

patrice in union station

“This 3rd offering of Gaining Traction, Get to Softenings, about getting to and doing Stage 2 Work with couples is filling up quickly,” reports Center Managing Director, Patrice Thomas.  “It is exciting to see therapists coming from 17 states in the U.S. and 3 other countries! Participants are coming from both coasts and all around the U.S.  Plus we have therapists visiting from Costa Rica, Canada and Mexico to attend.”

Patrice is a key component in this workshop.  As a host, she provides logistical and emotional support to everyone involved. She also shares some poignant, invaluable words via a short video about the work EFT Therapists do, the emotional risks involved and the needs of their couples. “Jim’s enthusiasm for this material rubs off on me too. One day we were walking and talking along Boulder Creek about the upcoming training. Parallels and connections between my experiences as a water safety instructor and EFT came to me, and it’s been an honor to share them at these workshops.”

As the workshop fills up, Jim and Patrice are discussing the next Master Class offering from the Center, with the topic to be announced soon. “Colorado EFT is thriving,” Patrice added. “There are two strong EFT Communities, one in Denver and one in Boulder. 62 clinicians attended the May EFT Externship with my husband and Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Ph.D., our dear friend and Colorado’s adopted trainer from San Diego. Plus, the Center has two core skills groups going at once, with a wait list for the next series. What a blessing for all the couples and families who get to benefit from this approach to relational distress.”