Successful E.F.T. and Addictions Workshop in Toronto, Canada

Colorado Center Director, Jim Thomas and Atlanta EFT Center Director, Michael Barnett presented, “Addressing Addiction, Securing Attachment with Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy,”on June 4th and 5th, in Toronto, Canada with Leading Edge Seminars.  Dr. Sue Johnson invited Jim and Michael to come to Canada to share this workshop.  They both felt honored to have Dr. Johnson in attendance in the audience.  She said of the workshop, “It was a real treat to hear two valued colleagues talk about using E.F.T. with couples in various places on the use, abuse, dependence and addiction continuum. The attachment view of addiction offers hope to couples.  This also offers opportunities for EFT Therapists to work with more couples at various points along this continuum (when use is current or in the past).”

On day two to close the workshop, Dr. Johnson joined Jim and Michael on stage for a 45 minute panel discussion.   In addition, they honored Janet Cleghorn, EFT Therapist, 81 years old, who is retiring in August.  Janet is one of the original EFT Therapists and retires, “Still loving my work with couples.”  Janet said that, “I believe EFT is really the best approach to helping couples by far.”  She received a hearty round of applause in honor from the participants and added, “I am heartened to see the EFT community addressing this key issue or drug and alcohol abuse that impacts so many couples and families we work with.  The more we learn about it, the better we recognize it and can address it well.”

Jim and Michael explored the elegant overlay between neuroscience’s latest findings about addiction, the neuroscience of attachment, and the utility of EFT as an intervention both when a couple is impacted by abuse or dependence or in recovery.  The workshop include a focus on applying EFT in Stage One and Stage Two with demonstration video clips from the trainers.

“I recommend this workshop for E.F.T. Therapists,” said Dr. Johnson at the end of the workshop in Toronto.   “Michael and I developed and refined this workshop over a three year period based on our shared experience in the addictions field, our belief that current treatment efforts have evolved greatly but still lack a critical component, and our experience that E.F.T. applies elegantly and effectively with this issue.”

Both presenters report that therapists, after taking the workshop, leave with an increased awareness of the impact of substance and alcohol use and abuse as well as process addictions such compulsive pornography viewing and gambling have on couple’s attachment system and cycles. Additionally, therapists learn how to apply EFT with couples where abuse or dependence is present and when a partner is in recovery.  “After the workshop, I looked at my most difficult and stuck cases.  Of the 6, on further examination, it turned out that 4 were dealing with a addiction issue currently or in the past!,” from a participant in the Denver workshop.

Learning objectives include:

*  Putting in to action an attachment-based perspective regarding alcohol & drug abuse and dependence (along with process-addictions).

*  Applying the neuroscience indicating that addiction is an attachment-disorder.

*  A differential assessment process to assist in treatment planning and application of E.F.T.

*  Working with addiction when present or the use was in the past, and when we cannot work with addiction due to emotional safety issues.

*  Understanding the prevalence of attachment injuries and other complications for couples and families when dealing with addiction.

*  Special considerations when applying E.F.T. in Stage One and Two with this population.

Jim will be presenting the workshop in the Netherlands and Finland in September, 2015.