Jonathan Zalesne, 1st ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado!

With a full heart and great joy, the Colorado Center and ICEEFT proudly and happily announce that Jonathan Zalesne, Fort Collins, Colorado, has earned recognition as an ICEEFT Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist.  Jon dedicated himself to learning EFT deeply.  He threw his whole heart and soul in to the process.  He grabbed every opportunity after core skills to take additional workshops, do group supervision, individual supervision, help with core skills, externships and more.  In supervision, Jon came prepared, loaded with clips and questions while inviting feedback at all levels.   Jon even brought several couples to supervision to do work in the room with his supervisor to get a different hands on experience.
His certification tapes, Gail Palmer, Lisa Palmer-Olsen and I all concur showed fluid powerful reframes, tracking and staying in the moment with the couple and as Gail said, “a compelling step 4,” in his stage one clip.  The stage two work showed depth, curiosity and compassion for the male withdrawer with validating reflections, gentle pacing leading up to the reach, and a partner there to reach back and receive the vulnerability.  Jonathan’s focus and willingness to stay in difficult moments with partners stood out in both clips.
Jon provides couples and family therapy services in both Fort Collins and Denver.  He’s passionate about his work and a valued member of the EFT Therapist Community.  In addition to specific EFT training, Jonathan did post-graduate work at the Denver Family Institute.  To learn more about Jonathan and his practice visit you can click here.
On behalf of the Colorado Community and the larger EFT community, we glad to have you as part of the family.  I am proud to know you, to experience your ongoing commitment to growth and excellence in all you do, and to have you as a friend.  To congratulate him directly, he can be reached at
Therapists, to learn more about the certification process through the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy click here