Congratulations to Dr. Dawn Taylor, Colorado’s Newest Certified E.F.T. Therapist

Dr. Dawn Taylor, a co-founder of the Boulder E.F.T. Community, a well admired colleague, recently received certification from the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (I.C.E.E.F.T.).  In order to achieve this distinction, Dr. Taylor completed additional coursework in E.F.T. Training and also sent two video examples of her work with couples.  The feedback from I.C.E.E.F.T. was glowing.  Her ability to attune to each partner and bring E.F.T. alive in the room is strong.

Dr. Taylor started her private practice in 1980, in Boulder, Colorado.  She also completed post-graduate training in marriage and family therapy at the Colorado Institute for Marriage and the Family.   Dawn has been on the faculty at the University of Colorado since 1991 where she is involved in research regarding effective treatment for mood disorders that strike so many adolescents and adults.  Her career path includes an emphasis in women’s issues, and in particular she provides therapy for women who have suffered from sexual assault and other traumas.

A dedicated professional, Dawn provides a great deal of support to the Boulder E.F.T. Community.  dawn

About her focus on E.F.T. with couples, Dawn said, “Being married myself, I can attest to the challenges in maintaining a healthy long-term relationship.  I’ve always enjoyed doing couples therapy, and I’m now studying a powerful theoretical and clinical approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is based on attachment theory.  It follows from the premise that, while the attachment bond with a primary caregiver is essential to the survival of an infant, as an adult the attachment we develop with our significant other is equally significant, and threats to that bond can generate emotions of life-or-death intensity.”

Join us in congratulating Dr. Taylor on yet another achievement in an already rich and impressive clinical career.