Sue Johnson Receives Highest Civilian Award in Canada

sue jDr. Sue Johnson has just been awarded the Order of Canada. This is the highest civilian award given by the Canadian Government for Outstanding Achievement, Dedication to the Community and Service to the Nation. Sue was given this award in recognition for her paradigm shifting, innovative work in couple and family therapy interventions, her research and her contribution to the training of mental health professionals around the globe, as well as her popular educational books and programs for the public.
On behalf of the entire Colorado E.F.T. Community, the many therapists, couples and families positively impacted by Dr. Johnson’s work, we give a hearty and loving congratulations to our esteemed colleague and mentor.

“This award takes my breath away. It is an amazing honor to be among the small group of people deemed worthy of this recognition every Canada Day. It also belongs to all my wonderful colleagues who, with me, are part of the revolution that is happening in understanding and shaping the bonds of love.” – Sue Johnson, Ed.D.

The award serves as the Canadian People’s acknowledgement of Sue’s contributions in a variety of areas that impact the larger community. This impact is also felt in the United States and around the world.

Dr. Johnson received the “Order of include but are not limited to:

  1. Development of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy that revolutionized the therapy field’s approach to helping couples in distress.
  2. Co-researcher on a number of Outcome Studies demonstrating the efficacy of E.F.T.
  3. Teaching and training thousands of therapists in Canada (the U.S. and around the world).
  4. Author of two best-selling books for couples, Hold Me Tight and Love Sense.
  5. Creator of the Hold Me Tight Psychoeducational Program for couples.

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