Congratulations to Amy Davis EFT Supervisor

On behalf of Kathryn de Bruin, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, and everyone who has worked with and experienced the grace and warmth of s,Amy Davis, LPC, EFT Therapist, we at the Colorado Center give Amy a big hearty, “CONGRATULATIONS!” on earning her ICEEFT Certification as an EFT Supervisor.

In the Colorado EFT Community, we all know Amy as a strong & gentle soul.   She’s gracious.  You feel her presence and attentiveness whenever one engages with Amy; she’s there, willing and able to engage with colleagues, clients and people she supervises.  Her work with couples matches her personhood. With Amy Davis, supervisees experience a strong presence, supportive person who is insightful about where they are in learning/integrating the model.

Amy shares a love of dancing, like our fearless leader, Dr. Sue.  One can see this in her work as she approaches supervision (and therapy) from a perspective of dance moves of reciprocal attunement.  In dance, you synch up with your dance partner seeking to be responsive and in flow with where they are.  That is Amy.

For supervision from a fully engaged supervisor who will dance with you, alongside, you and encourage you to find your own way of dancing within E.F.T., I highly recommend Amy.   Congrats Amy, we are all so happy for you and proud of your accomplishment.  We are so grateful for your support at Externships and Core Skills Trainings in Colorado.  To connect with Amy and offer your congrats, she can be reached off list at

In Community,

Jim Thomas, LMFT, EFT Trainer

Director, Colorado Center for E.F.T.