Vulnerability, Authenticity and Attunement with Dr. Bev Tuel, EFT Supervisor

An exciting opportunity to deepen in Emotionally Focused Therapy for clinicians created and facilitated by Dr. Bev Tuel, E.F.T. Supervisor and one of the Founders of the Denver E.F.T. Community.

Bev presented this material previously and received much praise and heartfelt thank you’s for the learning experience.  She says this is, “An interactive, experiential half-day workshop for any clinician who values openness, vulnerability, and authentic emotional presence in your work with couples, families, and individuals.”

“Authentic attunement allows us access to those magical moments when we know ‘this is what I’m meant to do!’ Attunement also demands that we walk with clients into those dark places. Clients’ behaviors activate our own intensely human longings and can trigger our own reactivity. Even the most centered among us can get thrown off track in our emotional hot spots.” – Dr. Tuel

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Presented by Heart Solutions, L.L.C. who is wholly responsible for the contents of the workshop, registrations and details regarding this event.  They can be reached for questions at or 303-355-0280