Colorado Core Skills 2017 Announcement

We are excited to announce the Colorado Core Skills 2017 !
Jim Thomas will be your trainer for Colorado Core Skills.  You’ll have a supportive, engaged support team to guide you in this journey.  Allison Lee, EFT Trainer, is joining us for weekend two and four of EFT Core Skills to co-lead with Jim (she was joining us for weekend one and three, but had to adjust travel dates due to unforeseen circumstances).  See bottom of page for more about Alison Lee!  
See Core Skills 2017 under Trainings for more info.  
We are unable accommodate therapists needing to make up weekends at this time.  This sign up is for those taking the entire series.  Signing up for weekend one, holds your slot for all four weekends and indicates your intention to attend all four weekends of EFT Core Skills Training.  Thank you.  
Dates of the EFT Core Skills EFT Training weekends:
Friday and Saturday
Feb 24-25, April 14-15, June 2-3, Aug 25-26- 2017
8:30 to 9 each morning, gather and social time.  Please note, this schedule provides additional contact hours beyond those required by I.C.E.E.F.T.Light snacks offered in the a.m. along with coffee and tea (lunch is not provided).
8:30 to 9:00 gather
9:00 to 5:15 Fridays
9:00 to 4:15 Saturdays (we may have working lunch or shorter lunch breaks on Saturday)
We expect this training to fill up quickly; so please do not hesitate to register. 
To sign up: e-mail us,, and we’ll send you a personalized PayPal invoice.  Payment of the invoice constitutes final registration to secure a place in this series. 
**Registration for this event is a full commitment for all 4 weekends.**

Please indicate your preferred payment plan in your email:
__ Invoice me for Weekend One, Feb 24 – 25, 2016 at $425__
Invoice me for the entire series of Four Weekends at $1600.00   (a $100 savings)

Purpose of  EFT Core Skills:  To build on the knowledge gained in the EFT Externship, gain confidence in the model, increase our own emotional presence in the room, apply EFT interventions within the stages and steps of EFT, and move in to deeper community with other therapists learning EFT.

Overall Goals:

1)  Develop the skills and habit of using E.F.T. Emotional Interventions routinely with couples and families.

2) Develop the skills and habit of using E.F.T. Emotional Interventions with couples and families.

3) Develop and apply an attachment lens as a therapist within E.F.T. model.

4) Access and deepen emotional experience in session, including our own emotional experience and presence, to foster appropriate, applicable emotional work in Stages One and Two of E.F.T.

5) Experience in role-play practice, discussion, video examples both Stage One work, and Stage Two intrapsychic work leading to bonding events, the key change event in E.F.T.

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Dr. Alison Lee, C. Psych. is Vice President and co-founder of ICEEFT and of the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute where she works as a psychologist with couples and individual clients. She trained in couple therapy with Dr. Sue Johnson and has been doing EFT for over 20 years.  With Gail Palmer, Alison developed the Core Skills Training model for therapists learning the EFT model. She is also one of the authors of Becoming an Emotionally Focused Therapist: The Workbook.

Alison is an EFT Trainer and has been an EFT Supervisor for many years. She is known for her warmth and her ability to foster a safe learning environment with her supervisees.

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