Cindy Wander, Colorado’s Newest ICEEFT Certified E.F.T. Therapist!!!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Cindy Wander is Colorado’s newest ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer.

Prior to Cindy getting involved in E.F.T. Training, I came across an article she had written in the Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (COAMFT) Newsletter (2011).  I was moved by her message of hope for couples and recognized her use of attachment language immediately.  She discovered E.F.T. and has been on an engaging, impactful learning journey ever since.

As Cindy continued to engage in additional EFT trainings and I saw her work in our EFT consultation/supervision meetings, I followed up by asking her to be a helper for the next Core Skills group.  She was so engaged in helping others learn this model more fully.  Cindy was frequently named in feedback surveys as particularly helpful by the participants.  She embodies the ability to build safe and secure attachments at the individual, couple, family, and group levels.

Cindy Wander is a committed EFT therapist.  She brings creativity to the therapy process.  Cindy has created a companion book for her couples to use as they proceed through EFT therapy.  She has had an EFT vision board in her office to ground her own learning and created learning anchors after trainings through visual representations of EFT processes.  Cindy consistently reflects process to her clients, typically right in the moment as it unfolds, as a true process consultant.  She is able to navigate complex dynamics and see how couple’s interactions represent attachment needs and longings.  Throughout her work she strives to remain attuned and openly responsive, with exceptional use of self-as-instrument.

“I am so grateful to the trainers and colleagues along the way who have supported me learning E.F.T.  Special thanks to Bev Tuel, Wanda Gardner, Jim Thomas, Paul Sigafus and Karen Nadon,” Cindy shared with us at the Center.

A beloved member of the Colorado EFT Community, we give a hearty congratulations to her on her achievement!  To earn certification, therapists must send two clips of their own session work with couples to I.C.E.E.F.T. for independent review (with the couple’s written permission of course).  The E.F.T. Trainer who reviewed Cindy Wander’s clips noted her “warm alliances with her couples…ability to stay with each partner’s emotional process…and her positive presence.”

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