Jim Thomas LMFT

Finland, Chicago, Denver and Idaho for Jim Thomas in September

Dear Colleagues, Hi, Jim Thomas here, just updating on activities for September.  It is a whirlwind month and excited to share EFT with so many therapists here in Colorado and beyond.

Off to Helsinki, Finland to what I know will be three days of warm welcome by the therapists there.  They really love emotionally focused therapy.  The EFT Community, led by fellow trainer Hanna Pinomaa, is vibrant.  Contrary to what people told me prior to my first training visit two years ago, the clinicians were absolutely expressive and engaged throughout our time together.  So, we’ll be focused for two-days on addressing trauma in couples therapy, followed by a day looking at how to work with emotional withdrawal.

Soon upon returning, we jet back to Chicago, to present “Gaining Traction, Get to Softenings in E.F.T,” for the Chicago Center for EFT, led by Jeff Hickey, EFT Trainer.  Excited to make new EFT friends in the Windy City at a wonderful time of the year in Chicago.  There are still openings for that workshop as of today’s posting.

Then it is back to Denver, Colorado for the 2nd EFT Externship of 2017, which is full.  Very grateful for the time of helpers for this training and the support in the community.

Finally, we go to Idaho, invited by namesake, Amanda Thomas, and Integrative Approaches, for a day on addiction, trauma and attachment.  People are joining us from all around the U.S., particularly from treatment programs that know of Amanda’s amazing work.  Very grateful to her for inviting us and making this happen.  https://www.integrativeapproachtx.com/upcoming-events/2017/9/29/attachment-addiction-betrayal-trauma

The EFT Summit is coming up fast, in San Diego, and well worth attending for anyone interested in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Plus, Effectively Embracing Our Pursuers, the 2-Day workshop focused on working with the harshness, panic and despair of tough pursuers is coming soon, November 3 and 4, 2017.


Jim Thomas