Congratulations Jessica Heaney, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist

Please join us in welcoming Jessica Heaney, Certified EFT Therapist!  Jessica recently earned her Certification from the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Jessica has long been captured by the model of EFT.  She reengaged in her training, with a commitment for certification, just shy of two years ago. She has established a successful private practice in the Vail Valley where she applies her EFT training through specializing in relationship dynamics. She is now Vail’s sole Certified EFT clinician.  Jessica is passionate and motivated to enhance the EFT community throughout Colorado’s western region.

“My purpose is helping individuals and couples rediscover what lasting love is. I guide struggling couples, who often have lost hope, back toward one another. And I help individuals find the path that leads to secure and solid relationships.

I extensively study relationships, love, attachment and mindfulness. I highly prioritize continuing my training and learning to ensure I’m consistently giving my clients nothing but the best.”

“I have known Ms. Heaney for over 10 years now and worked with her in a variety of settings as a teacher, supervisor, mentor, trainer and colleague.  On all fronts, in all activities, she impresses with her dedication and focus.  She’s a real gift to the Western Slope budding EFT community,” adds Jim Thomas, EFT Trainer.  He first met Jessica at Denver Family Institute where she started as an intern while attending Denver University Graduate School of Social Work, “Jessica is among the plethora of strong clinicians who bring so much to the vibrant Colorado EFT Community.”

Jessica, we are pleased to be a part of your ongoing journey as a therapist and person.  You are a fine addition to our quality group of Certified E.F.T. Therapists in Colorado.

To obtain certification, therapist participate in an E.F.T. 4-Day Externship, 4 to 5 weekends of Core Skills Training in E.F.T., engage in individual supervision or consultation regarding their work including video review of sessions with couples, and must send two video clips of their work in different stages of the E.F.T. model to ICEEFT in Ottawa for independent review.

If you would like to learn more about Jessica, please visit her website: