Curiosity and Empathy in EFT with Annabelle Bugatti LMFT and certified EFT Therapist – Featuring Jim Thomas

Curiosity and Empathy in Therapy Relationships with Jim Thomas and Annabelle Buggatti

Host Annabelle Bugatti, PhD, LMFT and ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist from  talks with Jim Thomas about the USE of Curiosity and Empathy in EFT.  Jim and Annabelle talk about looking through the EFT lens with curiosity and empathy.


A enlivening, empowering discussion of these two essential elements of the therapy relationship.  These are key cornerstones of a humanistic, validating approach to therapy.   How might we be curious in the face of so much of the escalation, defensiveness and hostility we can see in couples and family therapy.  How can I access empathy and curiosity in the face of an affair, an addiction, or a series of injuries?

And how might we be have more empathy and curiosity about our own experience as therapists?  Join Annabelle in her series of discussions with E.F.T. Trainers, this time with Jim Thomas LMFT, EFT Trainer, Colorado.  They explore important questions such as:

“Where do empathy and curiosity intersect ?”

“We are human and we get absorbed in stories, and we as therapists think we know where we are going”

“It’s tough to be curious and empathize at the same time”

Please join us to unfurl the answers to this difficult intersection.