EFT Externships and more from the Colorado Center

I am happy and proud to be involved in three Externships over the next four months along with a training in Edmonton and one in London.

Vibrant times in Colorado, where the May 30 through June 2nd Externship, led by myself with the support of some co-presenters, Dr. Bev Tuel, Misti Klarenbeck-McKenna, Alison Rimland, Cindy Wander and Jonathan Zalesne.  It sold out in early April.  This will be followed by an Externship in Austin, Texas in June with the support of Trainer in Training, Joe Cantu.  Joe’s done an amazing job of seeding and developing community, first in Dallas/Fort Worth area, and now in San Antonio and Austin.  And the Colorado Center reach will go to Cincinnati, to lead the 2nd ever Externship in that area, hosted by Cheryl Gooch, Clark Echols and the budding Cincinnati community.  That Externship is already 1/3’rd full! 

My trainer is a joyful one.  It comes with the good fortune of visiting other communities, and later this month, I’ll be in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Donna and Murray Armstrong encouraged and led the development of a small group three-day in depth exploration of the Gaining Traction, Get to Softenings Workshop. 

Then over the Fourth of July, I’ll be over the pond in London, England for the 3rd International EFT School...presenting alongside Lorrie Brubacher, EFT Trainer, North Carolina.

EFT Textbook

We also are blessed in Colorado to have an Externship coming to the Western Slope with Dr. Robert Allan as trainer, hosted by Karen Nadon, EFT Supervisor and supported by Dr. Priscilla Zynda, EFT Supervisor occurring in October, 2018, Glenwood Springs.

It is a powerful, uplifting experience to see EFT applied across the globe.  And to realize that the struggles and joys of applying this model are common for therapists everywhere.  The breadth and depth of EFT Community, support and resources out there is remarkable.  Thank you to everyone who is a part of the EFT community in Colorado and around the world.