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4th Externship with Addictions Programs

We are proud to announce the recent completion of the 4th E.F.T. Externship for Residential and Wilderness Addiction Program clinicians and clinical leaders. 9 Different Programs participated in these externships in 2019.

6 Owners and 9 Clinical Directors participated along with therapists from these programs. The trainings were small in size, by invitation only, through Integrative Approaches who hosted each training. This most recent event was hosted by Ascend Recovery, American Fork, Utah, with 12 therapists.

Our director, Jim Thomas, LMFT, EFT Trainer, brings 32 plus years of sobriety, 12 Step Experience, expertise in Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Attachment-Based Interventions (A.I.M., copyrighted, 2017) as well as administrative experience in residential treatment. “Jim is uniquely poised to engage and respond to the needs of Residential Treatment Programs and their clinicians,” says Amanda of Integrative Approaches, “he translates their concerns in to attachment language and then shows them how emotionally focused therapy offers new tools for reaching people of concern and their families.”

The feedback from the first Externship provided for addictions program professionals was stellar! And that trend continued across the next three events. Both informal and written feedback was overwhelmingly positive. “Most impactful is hearing how programs are adapting and evolving, now that they have a bottom-up sense of attachment with the tools of E.F.T.,” says Jim.

“After being in the addiction treatment industry for almost 20 years this training, and specifically EFT therapy, gives news perspectives on how we can be agents in our client own self discovery.  This training helped me focus on concrete strategies and tools to involve families and loved ones in the recovery process.  I will return to the next level of this training and hopefully deepen my understanding.  The manner in which Jim and Amanda have structured the training with live and video examples was extremely helpful in making the information immediately integratable to my practice.” Ryan, Founder and Clinical Director of a Primary Residential Addictions Treatment Program

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Some of the Participants in the EFT Externship Series