Enhance Your Relationship, Deepen Your Bond while Sheltering-in-Place

Dr. Sue Johnson’s seminal couple’s self-help book, Hold Me Tight, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, continues to be a bestseller since published in 2009.  Dr. Johnson developed the empirically-validated, outcome-based, research supported couple’s therapy approach, Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Now, the Hold Me Tight (trademark and copyright protected) Program is now available online.  You and your partner can use this unique slowing down, sheltering-in-place to better understand how to strengthen your emotional bond.

To access the program, click here, or visit https://holdmetightonline.com/ to learn more.   During the Covid19 Crisis, as a service, there is a 50% discount available.

Though the Colorado Center is not directly involved in this program, we highly recommend it.  We receive no renumeration or benefit, other than knowing that H.M.T. is a great resource for couples.

The Hold Me Tight book has been translated in to 19 languages.

The online program includes:  Videos of couples working through their own versions of the 7 relationship-changing conversations I talk about in my book Hold Me Tight