Jonathan Thrall, our newest Certified Colorado EFT Therapist – Congratulations

Congratulations from the Colorado Center and the entire community of EFT Therapists in Colorado to Jonathan Thrall, LMFT, on earning Certification as an Emotionally Focused Therapist from the International Centre for Excellence in EFT, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 
Jonathan has a thriving private practice here in Colorado and you can learn more about him at his website
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, he grew up knowing how to brave the heat and enjoy the great outdoors. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate programs in Arizona, and began his career as a therapist in Scottsdale. He says that, “After dreaming of moving to Colorado for many years, I finally made the move. While I may always be an Arizonian at heart, I love all that the mountains of Colorado have to offer. When I am not working, I try to spend my time with my wife and dog in the outdoors, in any capacity. Hiking, fly fishing, and cycling are my favorite hobbies.”
In order to earn this certification, additional studies are required, including mentoring hours with an E.F.T. Supervisor, and participating in the E.F.T. Externship and 4 2-Day Core Skills in EFT Training weekends.  The certification is outcome-based educationally, meaning one must share two video clips of their work with a couple or family.  These tapes are sent (with clients written, express permission) to Ottawa for review by a senior EFT Trainer.  Gail Palmer, EFT Trainer, reviewed Jonathan’s work.  She had this to say:
“You have shown me the EFT tango in Stage one and Stage two with two different couples. Both sessions demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the EFT process, the steps, stages and the moves of the tango. You also can execute the EFT skills in a manner that focuses the session and moves your couples to a deeper understanding of themselves and each other. The stage one tape was with a couple with a highly volatile cycle and complex history and you were able to help them encounter each other in a softer, more intimate way. The stage two session was also choreographed beautifully.  This was a big step for this young man, and I loved it when you used your own emotions to reflect back the pain of what he was feeling. I thought you provided him tons of support through this, modelling for him, softness in man, and keeping the focus on him and his emotional process. Great work, Jonathan!! You are an amazing therapist, so early in your career, and I hope you enjoy your accomplishment.”
We welcome you into the cadre of Certified EFT Therapists here in Colorado, and celebrate with you this meaningful achievement.
To reach Jonathan to congratulate him, network, or obtain services in his practice, you can email