Colorado Center Virtual Online EFT Externship with James Hawkins and Jim Thomas

The Colorado Center is proud to announce that the 2020 EFT Externship (postponed due to Covid19) is taking place online, June 1 through 4, 2021.  EFT Trainers around the globe transitioned in 2020 from in-person to virtual training with remarkably positive results.  Your two facilitators for this EFT Externship, James Hawkins and Jim Thomas, both gained invaluable online facilitating experience in 2020.  “We are excited to work together to bring you this option as we await a return to in person trainings later in 2021.”

James “Doc Hawk” Hawkins, Ph.D., L.P.C., joins us from Arkansas.  He enjoys getting to share in conferences, podcasts, organizations, and churches on matters helping people with emotional and relational health.  Doc Hawk brings a passion for sharing attachment theory and E.F.T. to therapists, couples and families across cultures.  “I have hosted leadership conferences, couples conferences, and racial reconciliation events (all integrating principles from attachment science),” James told our Colorado Center Team.  If you seen him speak, you know his talent for engaging an audience.

“My passion is to help people flourish in relationships ranging from marriage & family to organizational health, and community race relationships,” James says.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 11 years of experience. With a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, and Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling, James earned Certification as an E.F.T. Therapist and Supervisor.  Currently, as a clinical coordinator he helps lead a key counseling center in Arkansas.

Jim Thomas LMFTJim Thomas, L.M.F.T., Director, Colorado Center for E.F.T. helped develop the thriving E.F.T. Community in Colorado.  He shares with James a passion for engaging trainings with strong experiential elements.  “Jim is a leading thinker in the marriage and family world,” says Dr. Bill Doherty, “I would go out of my way to hear what he is saying about therapy today.”  Jim developed 9 unique Master Class 2 day trainings for experienced EFT Therapists.  He has trained across the U.S., in Canada, Europe and Australia. “Jim’s a natural, engaging, inspiring teacher,”  Jonathan Zalesne, EFT Supervisor

Throughout his 32 year career, Jim worked in a variety of treatment settings in therapist, supervisor and clinical leader roles.  “My work allowed me to experience working across cultures, with wide range of families, across diverse populations.  A poignant honor to need to look at my own inherent white privilege, my heterosexual biases, and other possible barriers to connection.”  Jim loves E.F.T.’s unique ability to call forth common elements of the human emotional, relational experience.   His current focus is bringing E.F.T. and attachment theory to addiction programs around the U.S.

Simultaneously, E.F.T. points us towards the real impacts culture, context, oppression, marginalization and other key factors impact attachment on multiple levels.  E.F.T. elegantly surfaces the power of secure attachments and emotional bonds across cultures, contexts and time.

The EFT Externship is the initial training in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

E.F.T. stands out as the couples therapy model with the most outcome studies, that the A.P.A. reports meets the Gold Standard for therapy model research.  As an empirically-validated model, it is also supported by tens of thousands of studies in attachment theory.  As Sue Johnson, primary developer of E.F.T., says, “Our key relationships are not bargains, arrangements or negotiations, they are emotional bonds.”  E.F.T. provides a simple parsimonious understanding of couple’s and family distress as fueled by underlying attachment fears, longings and shame.

This 28 contact hour training event provides an engaging interactive process rather than 4 days of power points and lecture.  Participants observe video examples of E.F.T sessions Live demonstration with a couple, discussion groups and role play practice remain key parts of the online experience.

To learn more and claim a spot in this limited enrollment opportunity click here.

Approved by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  The gateway training for those wanting to learn E.F.T. and for the E.F.T Certification process, the EFT Externship provides the foundation for implementing E.F.T. in your therapy practice.

Participation throughout the entire four days is required to receive Externship Completion Certificate.

Participants will keep their video cameras on during training times (with the exception of short “camera breaks” as needed).  Recording the Externship other than attendee’s notes, is prohibited.

This training is endorsed by Dr. Sue Johnson author of Love Sense and Hold Me Tight, and developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy.


EFT Externship Online with James Hawkins & Jim Thomas, June 1 – 4, 2021- Colorado Center for EFT (


Limited enrollment – register soon – as with most Colorado Center trainings, we expect this one will sell out.