Exciting News from Dr. Sue!

At the Center, we recently heard from Sue Johnson, the primary originator, researcher and developer of the fastest growing couples and family therapy approach in the world.  Sue let us know that, “My latest book, Safe and Sound, has been accepted for publication.”  The book is final edits.  Publication date is not yet known. From what we understand, Dr. Johnson in the book, Safe and Sound, proposes a unified field theory in essence for much of the psychotherapy field.  She presents a plethora of evidence regarding the central importance of relationships and relational health for human beings.  Furthermore, she focuses on attachment needs.  That people live in the shelter of […]

Successful E.F.T. and Addictions Workshop in Toronto, Canada

Colorado Center Director, Jim Thomas and Atlanta EFT Center Director, Michael Barnett presented, “Addressing Addiction, Securing Attachment with Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy,”on June 4th and 5th, in Toronto, Canada with Leading Edge Seminars.  Dr. Sue Johnson invited Jim and Michael to come to Canada to share this workshop.  They both felt honored to have Dr. Johnson in attendance in the audience.  She said of the workshop, “It was a real treat to hear two valued colleagues talk about using E.F.T. with couples in various places on the use, abuse, dependence and addiction continuum. The attachment view of addiction offers hope to couples.  This also offers opportunities for EFT Therapists to […]