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The Colorado Center for EFT along with the International Centre for EFT and affiliated training centers seek to foster excellence and effectiveness in couples and family therapy.   An important component in this effort is the Certification of Therapists in EFT.  The International Centre provides the opportunity for therapists who want to utilize EFT in their clinical work to demonstrate their commitment to excellence by obtaining this certification.  Colorado Center training event hours can be used to meet Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency (DORA) requirements for ongoing professional education sometimes known as C.E.U.’s.  Trainings provided by the Center are endorsed by Dr. Sue Johnson and ICEEFT.





Therapists who seek certification begin by taking the 4-Day Externship Training.  This training is a combination of didactic presentation, experiential learning activities, and observation of typically two live EFT Sessions facilitated by Certified EFT Trainers.



Here’s what therapists are saying :

“After the Externship, I feel that I know Jim well and admire his passion for this material as well as vulnerable, inspiring way of presenting it with other trainers.  He is a great leader for EFT’ers in Colorado.  I look forward to more training with him in the future.” ~ Wendy Gaylord, LCSW

“Lisa and Jim complement each other in so many ways.   They share a deep understanding of this model and both encourage us to look at our own use of self in this work.  Yet, each of them brings unique gifts and insights in how they explain the model, make it come to life, and encourage us to take risks learning E.F.T.”  ~ Marta Kem, M.A., Denver, CO

“Jim is an archetypal teacher.  I really enjoy training with him.” ~ Elan Fern, MA, Boulder, CO

“Lisa’s clarity and ability to make E.F.T. concepts tangible and real is powerful.”  ~ Recent Externship Evaluation Comment

“I’d go out of my way and highly recommend any training led by either Lisa or Jim or the two of them together,”  ~ Jonathan Zalesne, M.A., Ft. Collins, CO 

“Jim has a beautiful skill, putting things into clear and creative words. He is a natural trainer and engaging presenter.~ Hanna Pinomaa, EFT Trainer, Finland

“The BEST speaker they’ve had at Sierra Tuscon — and there have been some good ones!! You were fabulous! Funny, interesting, definitely engaging, and with very helpful ideas and information.  I have worked with you at Denver Family Institute and watched you grow that program through your passion and encouragement of everyone involved.  Now you are building a really vibrant training center.  No wonder Sue Johnson wanted you to be an EFT Trainer. You rock!”   ~  Marne Wine, LPC, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Supervisor, Brief Therapy Institute, Arvada, CO 


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