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Core Skills Plus:

5, 2-Day Trainings for those who have attended an ICEEFT Approved EFT  Externship.  This is a highly experiential, hands-on work deepening attendees mastery of Emotionally Focused Therapy. An enhanced version of Core Skills in EFT, the goal is for attendees to have at least one of the two session tapes necessary for EFT Certification and to leave the training more confident than ever in their own EFT work.    This program is designed as a 5 2-Day training program and participants signing up indicate their intention to complete all 5 weekends.  

**This training integrates the best of an experiential approach to EFT Training and the latest research on supervision and learning the model.  Participants will work together with the facilitator to create a safe, supportive learning environment in which each attendee can challenge themselves to grow and learn experimentally.Training Costs per 2-Day Training:
There is no graduate school rate available for this training or repeater discounts due to limited space availability.


Participants will review the participation agreement and commit to deepening their own work. Openings are limited. To sign up for trainings after STAGE ONE, or if you have questions, please email Jim Thomas Payment for these trainings are due 5 business days prior to their start date.

Dates for Core Skills Plus with Jim Thomas and Lisa Palmer-Olsen, EFT Trainers:
Contact us with your interest

Refund Policy:

  • Up to 30 days prior to event:  Full refund minus pay pal fee of 3%
  • 30 to 15 days prior: $25 administrative fee and pay pal fee of 3%
  • 14 days or sooner:  Non-refundable


Weekend One:  Stage One in EFT: Friday June 7th and Saturday June 8th, 2013, Weekend Two:  Deeper Work in Stage One: Friday August 9th and Saturday August 10th, 2013  and  Weekend Three:  Withdrawer Re-Engagement: Friday September 6th and Saturday September 7th, 2013- Events Completed. ..please see feedback and comments: 

“Wonderful and very helpful.”

“Experiencing in role plays with helpers support and guidance.”

“Put all my comments in the journal”
“loved the gems in the journal, very helpful”
“increased vulnerability, decreased fear.  Love one another.”
“This has been the best EFT Training I have had”
“Experiential piece of role plays”
“Learned that you always have choice points (as an EFT Therapist)”
“Most helpful:  Having trainer guide me to being transparent with my client in the moment emotions I could attune more fully with her.”
“I like rotating helpers and keeping same group – it deepens the trust and we see different supervision styles.”
“Really wonderfully organized for learning.  Feedback during the training was awesome.”

Please see the link below, to direct you to the remaining venue:


Weekend Five:  Demonstrating and Honing  EFT Skills: Friday December 13th and Saturday December 14th 2013

**Location for Weekend Five: Embassy Suites Southeast Denver, CO

Price: $425.00


What people have said about their experiences:

“Lisa is a top-notch trainer who brings EFT concepts alive in the room!”  Katie Larson, M.A. 

“I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the excellent core skills plus experience. Jim’s passion for
this work, clinical expertise and personal authenticity is inspiring. He is a gifted teacher and therapist,
I enjoy watching his work in the live session and the video of a blamer softening. I appreciated his
openness, humor and generous support of us as individuals and as a training group. Thanks most of all
for Jim’s encouragement, sensitivity and kind heart. I felt that too from Bev, Paul, Karen and Lisa from
Arizona. I look forward to the next opportunity to train with Jim and continuing my EFT Journey with
such open, affirming colleagues.” ~ Teresa Bertoncin, LMFT, Core Skills Plus Participant

“Jim is an incredible trainer and I appreciate his ability to teach this complex model in an experiential way. He helps therapists find and name their own impasses and supports them in moving forward. Jim’s clinical skills as a therapist and trainer, as well as his personal characteristics of being open and authentic, facilitated my growth and impacted me deeply.” ~ Marta Kem, M.A., Denver Family Institute Graduate

“I also want to say thank you for including me in the training. It was a great EFT booster shot, and a wonderful opportunity to meet even more skilled, compassionate, and just plain fun therapists. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching style. You not only know EFT, you also know how to convey that knowledge to others, and you know how to help your students gain their own knowledge. Your compassion and genuine care and affection for people in general and your students in particular is apparent and deeply felt and makes such a safe and fertile learning environment.” ~ Karen Nadon, MA, LPC Child & Family Counseling Center, PLLC

“Lisa and Jim are a great tag team in explaining concepts, illuminating with examples and stories, demonstrating EFT in action and supporting attendees do gain skills in implementing the model. They make room for the person of the therapist.  It becomes to explore both those qualities of self that support good EFT work and roadblocks to fully engaging in EFT in sessions.”  Amy Davis, ICEEFT Certified Therapist

This training is approved by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)







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