Core Skills Colorado with James Hawkins and Special Guest Trainer, Jim Thomas

We have the dates set for Core Skills following the June 1 – 4 recently completed EFT Externship.

James Hawkins will lead 3 of the 4 weekends, with Special Guest Trainer, Jim Thomas, leading weekend one.

Core Skills builds on the foundations set in the Externship.

August 19 -20:  Weekend one looks at applying the EFT Tango as we take the couple along the work of stabilizing their relationship.  We seek to build alliance, assess and start to untangle the cycle.  Surface primary emotion and place that expanded, assemble emotion in to their understanding of the negative dance.  Jim Thomas facilitating.

October 28 & 29:  Weekend two deepens the emotional work of what it is like to be caught in the cycle, and the deeper attachment meanings.

January 13 -14, 2022:  Weekend three focuses on withdrawal as an adaptive strategy and the bonding event of withdrawer re-engagment.

March 3-4, 2022:  Weekend four’s focus is anxious pursuit and the bonding event of blamer softening.

Schedule:  Thursday, day one:  8:30 to 4:30

Friday, day two:  8:30 to 3:30

In each weekend, we will explore who these skills apply to individual therapy also.

Participation in Core Skills includes sharing a 10 to 12 minute clip of your own work with a couple or family dyad with the group.  This occurs in a supportive, learning community.  We will role-play and continue to explore how we as therapist can show up more fully and engaged with the couple, individuals and families we work with.

Core skills is designed as a complete series intended to be completed with a cohort that you get to know and learn with.

The cost of each weekend would typically be 450.00 for a total of 1800.00 –

We are accepting registrations for the entire series at a single payment rate of 1600.00.  This is a savings of 200.00.  We anticipate this will fill up.  Registering for one weekend at a time is not available.  Registration if for all 4 weekends.  Payment plans are not available.  No refunds are offered for this training.

Registration Update:

We have one opening remaining for this limited enrollment training series.  Please contact us at to register.

1600.00 for 4 weekends, in one payment, a discount of 200.00 from the full rate of 1800.00


Core Skills Training

EFT Core Skills Training requires that participants have completed the 4-day Externship. Core Skills Training led by a Certified EFT Trainer comprises four 2-day events that occur over the space of approximately one year and is limited to 12 participants or up to 16 if there is a second Trainer or Certified EFT Supervisor leading the group. In the overall context of the EFT Tango, each 2-day session is dedicated to specific steps of the model and the therapeutic tasks and interventions characteristic of those steps.

Participants are required to present their own work through audio/videotape presentation. Registrants will be required to declare their professional designation – Core Skills is not available to life coaches, relationship coaches, etc.   Licensed clinical professionals, those working on license and graduate students in mental health degree programs.  Pastoral counselors who have counseling training as part of your training may be eligible.