E.F.T. Communities

A thriving E.F.T. Therapist community in Colorado includes three ICEEFT Affiliated Communities. 

Boulder EFT Community

Denver EFT Community

Western Colorado EFT Community

In the future, we hope to see EFT Communities in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and elsewhere in the State.

To learn more about the Boulder EFT Community visit https://www.bouldereft.com/

To learn more about the Denver EFT Community visit https://www.denvereftcommunity.com/

To learn more about the Western Colorado EFT Community visit https://www.westerncoeft.com/

All three communities hold quarterly meetings and are a wonderful place to network.  Thank you to the Founders of these communities for all you do for EFT in Colorado!

In addition, peer consultation groups, individual supervision and group supervision as well as watching ICEEFT training tapes together, are just some of the ways we can grow stronger together in this work.

If you are Colorado Springs or Fort Collins and interesting in building an E.F.T. Community there, please contact us and we’ll help you connect with other E.F.T. Therapists in the area.

Individual and Group Supervision are invaluable learning an experiential, attachment-based and emotionally focused model such as E.F.T.:

To find an E.F.T. Certified Supervisor or Supervisor Candidate click here