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Clients working with an Certified EFT Therapist can be assured that the clinician invested in learning the model, that they shared their work with other clinicians, including at least one EFT Supervisor and one EFT Trainer, and that they demonstrate core competencies as evidenced by the two video clips reviewed by the International Centre EFT Trainer or Trainers.

To work with Director, Jim Thomas, LMFT, EFT Trainer, Supervisor and Therapist, call 303-933-9104 or e-mail or to work with a Colorado Center Therapist.  For more about Jim’s work with couples, families and individuals visit: 

Therapists learning EFT, working towards Certification, are also excellent resources for couples in distress.  It is recommended for couples that if you are seeing a therapist who states they use Emotionally Focused Therapy that you ask a few important questions: 1)  Are you an ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist or working towards this certification? 2)  If not ICEEFT Certified, are you actively learning the model through Core Skills Training and Supervision/Consultation with an EFT Supervisor and/or Trainer? 3)  If not, what training have you had in EFT? Emotionally Focused Therapy is a brief therapy model for most couples and one that necessitates a clear commitment from a therapist to supporting healthy relationships, creating a safe haven in the therapy sessions for the couple, the ability to be with each person’s intense emotions, reactivity, and distress, to help a couple identify the patterns they are stuck in along with barriers to fulfilling connection and intimacy, and the ability to be open to feedback and adjustment to unique client needs along the way.

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