EFT Resources and Articles for Clinicians

Resources for therapists learning Emotionally Focused Therapy

Trainings in EFT in Colorado 

A talk with Dr. Sue Johnson on the New Science of Love, 75 minute keynote address

The Practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Creating Connections (the text for learning EFT) This is an essential read and the introduction to Emotionally Focused Therapy for many therapists.  It is also required reading for the 4-Day EFT Externship.


Hold Me Tight®, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, is the book written by couples and used by many therapists in support of EFT Therapy.  Written by Sue Johnson, published in 2008, the book remains in hardcover in the U.S. and Canada because it has yet to fall below the minimum sales level required to trigger issuing a paperback edition.  It has been published in 18 languages, the latest being Turkish.  It is available in French and Spanish

Research in EFT for those wanting to know more about the model’s efficacy and applications.

The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy with over 2,000 therapist members across the world seeks to promote quality emotionally focused therapy work through supporting research, quality training, training resources, Hold Me Tight groups, certification of EFT Therapists, and support of EFT Therapists in learning the model and their ongoing practices.

EFT Supervisors in Colorado  – a list of current EFT Supervisors and Supervision Candidates in Colorado

Boulder EFT Community – a membership organization, affiliated like the Center with ICEEFT, this community of therapists offers meetings to review training tapes, examples of Certified Therapist and Supervisors work, collegial support and networking in quarterly meetings.  They also have a lending library of EFT Training Tapes.

Denver EFT Community – similar to the Boulder EFT Community, also ICEEFT Affiliated, the Denver Community offers meetings on a bi-monthly basis offering peer support, conversations about EFT work, collegial networking.

There is a budding EFT Community in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, the current Communities, the Center and ICEEFT hope one day to have EFT Communities in Colorado in the major cities as well as a Western Slope Community. If you have interest in helping to grow such a community let us know!

Certification Process – an outline of the process of obtaining Certification as an EFT Therapist

Certification Booster Shot Session – a service of the Colorado Center for Colorado ICEEFT Members Only

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