Frequently Asked Questions for Trainings

Q:  Can I tape these trainings for review later?

A:  Recording of Colorado Center trainings, including the Externship, Core Skills Plus, and Master Classes is strictly prohibited.  Since we share case information, and video sessions, recording sessions would be a HIPPA violation.  In addition, we prohibit recording (beyond personal written notes for your use) to protect copyrighted material being shared.  Anyone found recording may be asked to leave the training without refund or compensation.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Q:   I am a life coach, who does relational coaching, can I take the Externship in E.F.T.?

Attendees must have the educational training, qualifications, and professional credentials to practice as a mental health professional in the area where they live and practice (in Colorado, you must be a Licensed Therapist with DORA, a registered psychotherapist, a post-graduate pursuing licensure under supervision, or a graduate student pursuing a degree that will meet the educational standards for one of the mental health licenses in Colorado).  Pastoral counselors allowed to practice psychotherapy in their jurisdiction (in Colorado, if you meet DORA’s requirements for pastoral counseling), may be allowed to attend the Externship.  Please contact us to confirm before registering.  Otherwise, life coaches, relational coaches, and others interested in learning more about E.F.T. are encouraged to read Sue Johnson’s book, Love Sense, or attend a Hold Me Tight workshop for couples.

Q:  Are CEU’s provided to participants outside of Colorado ?

A: The Center is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences, License Number PCE 5885, to provide CE’s for LMFT, LCSW, LEP and LPCC licensing requirements in California.   All trainings meet requirements from D.O.R.A. for professional hours needed to maintain license; please see D.O.R.A. regulations for number of hours that can be applied. 

Q: How do I know if I am registered ?

A:  If you register via PayPal,with a credit card you should get an email from PayPal with the details of payment.  If you do not receive this, please contact the registrar, Kashmira Pearcey:

If paying by check, we will contact you via email to let you know your payment was received.

All participants will receive a letter of confirmation a month before the event with details.


Q:  Can I pay for training after the event or in installments?

We are unable to make these types of arrangements.  Payment is due at the time of registration or if paying by check 7 days before the event for all Colorado Center Trainings.  We apologize for any inconvenience; this is done to simplify bookkeeping and keep events as  affordable as possible.  


Q:  What is your cancellation policy ?

A: There will be a $45 administrative fee to cancel up to 31 days prior to the session start date.  From 30 to 15 days prior to the event, the fee is $90.  

At 14 days out, there will be no refund available.  This process is stream lined for everyone involved.  It allows the Center to plan for number of facilitators and to determine if there are openings to allow other attendees to participate. 


Q: What if I am unable to complete the full day or days of training that I registered for ?

A: In order to get the full contact hours and CEU’s you must complete the full requirement of the training you signed up for.  If only partial completion, then you need to make up the missed time at another point (and additional fees may occur).  The Externship and Core Skills Trainings for Certification require completing all hours and activities.  


Q: I am interested in taking a training, but can’t make the one(s) being offered.

A: If you miss the opportunity to register, please email the registrar, Kashmira Pearcey:  We will put you on our wait list for the next event, and get you on out mailing list for all CCEFT happenings.


Q: I am interested in supervision with Jim, does he do such a thing ?

A: Jim has limited openings for therapists seeking certification in E.F.T. and those seeking consultation on E.F.T. cases with couples and families.  Though ICEEFT refers to this as supervision; it is more accurately called consultation.  Typically, it does not entail the regular weekly meetings required to oversee a private practice or agency work for someone seeking a mental health license in Colorado.  

Jim enjoys providing this consultation to therapists who are learning E.F.T. and have completed the Externship.  Please contact Kashmira Pearcey, practice administrator:, to get details and schedule your supervison.


Q:  Do I have to show a video of my work at Core Skills to get credit for completing the series?

Yes, each participant shows a ten to fifteen minute clip of their work with a couple or family.  It is expected that participants are seeing at least one couple or family when they start core skills.  And we ask that everyone bring a short clip to the first session for a clip sharing exercise in dyads (This video sharing does not meet the requirement described above).  We find that therapists, by beginning taping and reviewing of their own work from the start of core skills, gain the most from the experience.