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HoldMeTight-193x300  Hold Me Tight®, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, by Dr. Sue Johnson, came out in 2008 and continues to be printed in hardback in the United States to this day.  This is remarkable, because it simply means that Hold Me Tight® continues to sell so many copies per month, it has not reached the low sales threshold to generate a paperback printing!  Now, you can find a British, U.K., version in paperback, but that does not count.  Hold Me Tight’s® success led Dr. Johnson to create a psycho-educational group series for couples that many EFT Therapists enjoy facilitating.  In the Denver area, Alex Aliva, Carema Cook-Masaud, Deanne Drda and Kat Mindenhall are therapists leading such groups.  Allison Rimland and Laura Cross are co-leading groups.

Couples wanting to enhance their relationship, deepen their connection and get out of old stuck patterns of distance and conflict may benefit from a HMT Group.  Some couples may have too much conflict or stress to benefit, but Deanne and Alex would be happy to discuss that with you in making the decision to attend or not.

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Also available, developed by Sue Johnson, is an online version of Hold Me Tight https://holdmetightonline.com/

The Center does not endorse a specific group and offers this information as a public service only.  No warranty or guarantee of results is made, express or implied.  As with any psycho-educational group or therapy, results may vary.

ICEEFT Members offering Hold Me Tight® groups, to be listed here, contact us at register@coloradoeft.com (no spam e-mails please).  Hold Me Tight is a trademarked curriculum, use by permission only, and the Hold Me Tight book and curriculum is copyright protected – All Rights Reserved by Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Sue Johnson, author of Hold Me Tight®,  Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love and developer of the Hold Me Tight® program for couples.