LGBTQ+ Therapist Group – Monthly Meetings

LGBTQ+ EFT Monthly Meeting

There are so many ways to identify and we are keen to connect and network with other EFT therapists who identify as L or G or B or T or Q or + and any combination of those. By “EFT therapist” we mean someone who has minimally completed the Externship and uses EFT in their practice. Our interests include exploring the impact of minority stress and extension of the model to trans populations on our work with individuals, couples, and families; the opportunity for general networking and getting to know reliable referrals in the state; and, just getting to know each other😊

3/16 9-10:30 am

4/20 9-10:30 am

5/18 9-10:30 am

If you are interested in joining please contact:

Lisa K Sydow,PhD,LPC
(303) 442 3119

Lisa Sydow, Ph.D.