Jila Behnad on Working with Immigrant Couples

Jila Behnad, EFT Therapist, professor and originator of the “Can You See Me?” workshop coming to Boulder in November (through Boulder EFT Community) shares personal and powerful stories about her immigrant couple experience.  Visit www.bouldereft.com to register for her 3 hour workshop and for the October workshop with Dr Bukky on “Becoming a Racially Conscious Therapist.”

Aikens Coming To Colorado, thank you Boulder Community!

Nancy and Paul Aiken, E.F.T. Trainers, are bringing their new program, Hold Me Tight – Let Me Go to Colorado.  Special thanks to Laurie Branch and the Boulder Community for making this happen, along with Robert Allan and Priscilla Zynda of the Denver Community.  Laurie Branch has been working on this for a year now ever since she saw the Aiken’s present this material. The new Hold Me Tight® / Let Me Go Program for Families, supported by Dr. Sue Johnson, is a sister program to the world renowned HMT Couple program. There are three events in Denver – Two for Therapists “How EFFT Helped a Traumatized Family” click here […]

Sara Cohen M.A.,L.P.C- Colorado E.F.T. Therapist

Please join us in congratulating Sara Cohen, Certified EFT Therapist; she earned her Certification from the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy! Sara is a beloved member of the E.F.T. Therapists community in Colorado.   Sara has  been in private practice since 1993. “Emotionally Focused Therapy: this work has revolutionized my practice. It is the most well-researched and the most effective type of therapy for couples. It’s all about attachment and stopping those endless cycles of conflict.”  Sara, we are pleased to be a part of your ongoing journey as a therapist and person.  You are a fine addition to our quality group of Certified E.F.T. Therapists in […]