Aikens Coming To Colorado, thank you Boulder Community!

Nancy and Paul Aiken, E.F.T. Trainers, are bringing their new program, Hold Me Tight – Let Me Go to Colorado.  Special thanks to Laurie Branch and the Boulder Community for making this happen, along with Robert Allan and Priscilla Zynda of the Denver Community.  Laurie Branch has been working on this for a year now ever since she saw the Aiken’s present this material. The new Hold Me Tight® / Let Me Go Program for Families, supported by Dr. Sue Johnson, is a sister program to the world renowned HMT Couple program. There are three events in Denver – Two for Therapists “How EFFT Helped a Traumatized Family” click here […]

Hold Me Tight Groups in Denver Area

Hold Me Tight, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, by Dr. Sue Johnson, came out in 2008 and continues to be printed in hardback in the United States to this day.  This is remarkable, because it simply means that Hold Me Tight continues to sell so many copies per month, it has not reached the low sales threshold to generate a paperback printing!  Now, you can find a British, U.K., version in paperback, but that does not count. Hold Me Tight’s success led Dr. Johnson to create a psycho-educational group series for couples that many EFT Therapists enjoy facilitating.  In the Denver area, Alex Aliva, Carema Cook-Masaud and Deanne […]

Colorado Center Reaches Europe as EFT Grows Internationally

Packing up to head to the airport, I reflect on how Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and families continues to grow.  In Colorado, clinicians learning the model receive the support of two I.C.E.E.F.T. Affiliated Communities, plus the trainings from the Colorado Center.   Gail Palmer, Ph.D., one of the original E.F.T. Trainers, co-founder of the Ottawa Center, and Board Member, ICEEFT, joins us on December 7th, 2015, for a one-day workshop on helping families in distress with E.F.T.  I.C.E.E.F.T. membership more than doubled in less than three years.  Love Sense, The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Love, and Hold Me Tight, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, by Dr. […]