Core Skills series led by Dr James Hawkins, special guest trainer, Jim Thomas, LMFTThe

The Colorado Center for E.F.T. proudly announces an E.F.T. Core Skills series with James Hawkins and Jim Thomas as a follow up to their successful E.F.T. Externship held June 1 – 4, 2021. This training opportunity is meant to deepen understanding and skills in emotionally focused therapy with couples, individuals and families.  Core Skills takes place in four 2-day segments or modules.  They occur on Thursday and Friday.  The training is online for ease of access, and to avoid possibility of cancelling last minute in person if we have a surge or return of Covid19 restrictions (due to variants).  The first module takes place on August 19 and 20th. Jim […]

Affair Recovery, Prevention and Trust in Marriage – A Podcast with Jim Thomas, EFT Trainer

A Podcast interview with Jim Thomas, Director, EFT Trainer, LMFT, interviewed by Stuart Fensterheim, LCSW, Scottsdale, Arizona.  We talk about affairs, betrayal and trust.   Jim explores how to prevent affairs and the number one communication skill (that underlies all communication skills in marriage).  We also discuss couples intensives and many other subjects related to marriage, closeness and trust. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Stuart; hopefully you’ll find some ideas of interest in this podcast:

Bonding Events, Gaining Traction in E.F.T. Workshop Well Received, Kudos and Accolades

“Jim gave so much of himself!  It was such a fantastic learning opportunity.  I felt supported and challenged to take my work to a higher level.  I really appreciated that he chose to create this workshop, culling from his years of experience and wisdom, but most of all, I appreciate that he creates safety and caring.  This is not a common combination to find out there in the world of learning choices,” Lisa Bolster, Denver Therapist, told the Center in an e-mail from Monday.   Laurie Branch commented enthusiastically, “I also want to say that the training was really fantastic! I know you poured your heart into it and that allowed […]