E.F.T. Externship September 20 – 23, 2017, Denver, Colorado

Based on popular demand, the Center is offering the EFT Externship, 2017, September 20 – 23, 2017, in Colorado.  Having reviewed the written evaluations for the recently completed EFT externship, we are proud of the high marks received.  “Best training of my career,” and synonymous statements were given by a number of participants. Join us for an engaging, experiential introduction to Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy with Jim Thomas, LMFT, Approved Supervisor, ICEEFT Certified International E.F.T. Trainer. The EFT Externship training is based on the work of Dr. Susan Johnson. The 4-Day Externship builds on her work, research in the model, and the work of a number of other E.F.T. Trainers. […]

What E.F.T. Supervision Offers

From an E.F.T. Therapist: Right after I completed Core Skills, I signed up for EFT supervision and began the agonizing task of watching my own tapes. Six years later I still am paying for EFT supervision and watching my own tapes. There are some days when I praise myself for being dedicated, and others when I think I must be the slowest learner ever. It’s on my mind this morning, because I need to watch a video of my work for my own supervision later today, and I am putting it off to write this! I don’t think watching my work is much easier now than it was when I […]