Sue Johnson Receives Highest Civilian Award in Canada

Dr. Sue Johnson has just been awarded the Order of Canada. This is the highest civilian award given by the Canadian Government for Outstanding Achievement, Dedication to the Community and Service to the Nation. Sue was given this award in recognition for her paradigm shifting, innovative work in couple and family therapy interventions, her research and her contribution to the training of mental health professionals around the globe, as well as her popular educational books and programs for the public. On behalf of the entire Colorado E.F.T. Community, the many therapists, couples and families positively impacted by Dr. Johnson’s work, we give a hearty and loving congratulations to our esteemed colleague and mentor. “This award […]

will clark

On Improving Our Therapist Attachment Lens

There was a baseball player, Will Clark, San Francisco Giants, who I followed back in the day.  He had the most elegant swing and could hit the ball for power and got on base often (my apologies to non-baseball fans, but this will make sense soon).  His baseball lens for seeing the ball coming to the plate was unsurpassed. Turns out, Mr. Clark had 20/10 vision.  Yes, he saw things 20 feet away as if they were 10 feet away.  Remembering this got me thinking about my attachment lens.  When first doing attachment-based work, I believe my vision was more like 20/100.  Attachment bonds that were right in front of me […]

EFT Supervisors Provide A Secure Base for Couples Therapists

Anyone practicing couples and family therapy, or individual therapy where relational problems so commonly impact clients, may benefit from supervision with an ICEEFT Approved EFT Supervisor. EFT Supervisors and Supervision Candidates share common qualities: Attachment-based:  These therapists approach both therapy and supervision from an attachment perspective.  They seek to provide a safe haven, secure base for couples in therapy.  In a parallel process, they are likely to seek to co-create the same with you in supervision.  Supervisors can become a secure base for you in your work. Emotionally focused:  Supervision with EFT supervisors allows for and makes room for the emotional experience, strengths and use of self of the therapist. […]